About Me

I was brought up by my father who drilled in me the necessity of a good education.  Although he passed away soon after I graduated high school, the desire to pursue higher education was firmly instilled and I went on to get my bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from UCLA and a master’s in Taxation from Golden Gate University.   Before securing my first job in public accounting, I decided to try my hand at the formidable CPA exam. Despite all the naysayers and those well-intentioned supporters who warned me of the risk of failure and potential disappointment, I was determined to succeed, and succeed I did, passing all four parts on my first try, scoring a 90% average.

Why did I want to become an accountant?  Initially, I wanted to pursue a career in law, but the cost of going to law school was daunting. I was on my own at an early age and did not want to incur huge debts even before graduation. So I made the sensible and practical choice: I decided to become an accountant. I have always enjoyed working with numbers and felt that accounting would be a good professional path. I would be using my strengths while also dealing with legal compliance on a daily basis.

While working the past 10 years for mid-to-large CPA firms, I have always tackled job assignments with the goal of doing the best job on every account. I would also volunteer to take on more challenging assignments so that I would learn from them and grow further professionally.  Over the years, the continuous pursuit of knowledge has developed my skills in all areas of tax.  I am well-versed in the preparation of all types of tax returns, including but not limited to:  estates, trusts, gifts, multi-state consolidated corporations, private foundations, exempt organizations, partnerships and of course individuals.  There is no tax issue too complex or difficult for me to handle.

I welcome the opportunity to analyze your tax situation or issue to see how I can help you retain more of your earnings.

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