Tax Services

Personal Tax Returns

PersonalTaxReturnsI have prepared hundreds of returns for people in all walks of life, living in all parts of the United States.   Are you a sole proprietor, own rental properties, have multiple pass-through enterprises, work abroad?  Whatever your circumstance, I can help you strategize your best tax position.   (Form 1040) *

Estates and Trusts

EstatesDeath and taxes, as the saying goes, are the two things you can count on in life.  Although the topic makes people cringe, dealing with the inevitable beforehand can save you a lot of grief when a loved one passes as well as immeasurable tax savings.  Due to the ever-changing rules in this area, you need to rely on a competent tax professional to advise you on the best course of action given your particular circumstances.   (Forms:  706, 709 and 1041) *

Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies

PartnershipsI have extensive experience in the preparation of partnership returns.   You can get all your tax preparation needs taken care of in one place and not worry about waiting for your K-1 to finish your personal return.  (Form:  1065)*

Corporations and S Corporations

CorporationsEntities organized under these structures require special attention due to the dual levels of taxation at the C Corporation level and the strategies needed to get the most out of your flow-through S Corporation.   (Forms 1120 and 1120S)*

Not for Profit Exempt Organizations and Private Foundations


Preparation of these returns requires extensive knowledge in the non-profit arena.  Due to the sweeping changes made in the preparation of the Form 990, detailed attention is required in preparing the return.  Mistakes can be costly for exempt organizations. An incomplete return, though filed on time, is automatically considered late by the IRS, which can trigger large penalties.  Penalties for a non-profit entity can divert much needed funds from its charitable enterprise.  (Forms:  990, 990N, 990PF)*

Tax Controversy

TaxControversyAre you plagued with notices from the IRS, Franchise Tax Board or other tax agency?  I can help you resolve those issues easily.  I have a particular talent in dealing with tax authorities and have helped hundreds of people eliminate penalties, remove bank levies and wage garnishments, and get back substantial refunds when the tax authorities have erred.  I am also registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a tax professional and in that capacity I am able to represent you in tax audits and retrieve all your tax records from the IRS – with your signed approval of course.  With these records we can reconstruct any past years of non-filed returns and get you back on track. Read My Testimonials!

*All state forms corresponding to these Federal forms will be prepared as well.