Aaron and Ceci Friedman“Working with “Lia has been tremendous. She is easygoing and extremely knowledgeable about all things tax related. We recently started an LLC and have some other tricky issues she dealt without a hitch. We plan on working with Lia for as long as she’ll have us.”

- Aaron and Ceci Friedman

Ken and Suavek Lehman“Working with Lia has been a rewarding experience. She has been very helpful with our real estate business, getting the best tax savings by utilizing all the benefits of the tax laws. She also helped getting our other business in good standing with federal and state government; even going beyond the call of duty to get the State Contractor’s Licensing Board to get Ken on track in getting his license.”

- Suavek and Ken Lehmann

We have known and trusted Lia for over a decade. As busy professionals, we have relied on Lia to guide us through the complications of taxation. Lia has been a close advisor to us, and has provided us with friendly, reliable, and sage advice. Lia has built a warm and trusting relationship with us, and been careful to keep our financial interests foremost in her mind. Lia has worked closely with our financial advisors and other banking professionals to seek a comprehensive approach, which saves us time and provides us with the peace of mind that we seek. It is fair to say that Lia’s intelligence, professionalism and business sense ranks her at the top of her profession!

- Dr. Paul Vespa and Mary Faris-Vespa

My wife and I had used the same old CPA for many years without any problems. Our tax returns were fairly simple and we had no problems. However, as I gained promotions within my company, I was eligible for stock options and stock grants and that is when the troubles started. We stuck with that old CPA for a couple of years as he tried each year how to handle the stock options and grants. This last year I felt he was making significant mistakes and became very uncomfortable with his expertise. Lia Lee was recommended to me by our financial advisor and from the first meeting with her, we both knew she was the right choice. We gave her the 2013 tax forms that were completed by the old CPA and we were right; there were significant errors. Lia saved us both money and a potential audit. Since, we have fired the old CPA and Lia is our new one.

- Bob & Ann Smith

Carol Wilshire“Lia is a wonderful partner in the financial planning process. She is professional, personable and highly competent. Lia can handle any type of tax scenario with ease; individual tax returns, complex trusts, corporate filings, and international tax issues, to name a few. She is also a master at working with the IRS for the benefit of her clients. What sets Lia apart is that she is not only competent, but personable and conscientious- working with Lia is a pleasure. She truly cares about the well-being of her clients.”

- Carol Wilshire, CFP ®
First Vice-President – Wealth Management
UBS Financial Services, Inc.


Robert TokarIf you’ve ever received a surprise letter from the IRS or the FTB, you know what fear is.. If you’re lucky, you’ll have Lia Nazloomian Lee’s contact info. She’ll tell you it’ll be all right. And then she’ll make it all right. Quickly. Calmly. Efficiently. Effectively. And before you know it, the problems are being solved. Your tax professional has got to be someone you can trust. Their knowledge gives them a lot of power over you and the wrong ones will use that power to ramp up your fear and anxiety to make themselves seem more indispensable and to overcharge you. Lia has earned my trust many times over. She has been my life-preserver, my parachute and my shark repellant. Have you ever wanted to hug your tax accountant out of sheer joy and relief? I have. If you’re seeking a tax professional, get in touch with Lia. She’ll take care of you with no drama and no fuss. If you find yourself in the crosshairs of some faceless government institution, Lia will find out what the problem is and explain what needs to be done, keeping it simple and straightforward so that even someone scared half out of their wits can keep up. And Lia will make it okay again.

- Robert Tokar,
Atlas Merchandise, Inc.

My firm has been a client of Ms. Lee for over 15 years.  While she quickly and efficiently handles our routine tax work, it is her ongoing advice and insights on accounting policies and practices which have been most helpful.  The IRS closely scrutinizes law firms in our practice segment, to the point that we underwent full IRS audits three times within a ten year period.  In each instance we received “no change” determinations due in no small part to Ms. Lee’s superb representation of the firm with the IRS auditor and field office and her sound advice.  She is an outstanding tax advisor.

                                                            – Managing Partner, Los Angeles law firm

Ray & ElaineIf you want peace of mind and someone to trust, then Lia Lee is the person for you when it comes to your taxes.  When we first met Lia, she helped us through a very difficult Estate Tax Return, and for the last seven years she has always been there for us with any question or extra service. If something wasn’t an easy thing to answer, she did the research to find an intelligent answer.  In addition to our personal taxes, Lia worked with us on retirement plan issues, running projections and advising us of tax ramifications.   Through careful planning, research and expertise, Lia has helped us keep hard earned monies that would have been otherwise lost to excessive taxes.  With households in California and New Mexico, there is no one we would trust more as our tax accountant.

-  Ray and Elaine Scheideman

I have been a client of Lia’s for the past 7 years. Throughout that time Lia has conducted herself in the most professional manner, and proven herself to be very knowledgeable and a trust worthy tax advisor. She always responds in a timely manner and very willing to investigate any situation thoroughly providing an answer that is understandable even to someone with not much accounting knowledge. I highly recommend Lia and am forever grateful for her patience and perseverance!!!!

-  Susan Miller